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Grace Ndip

Ndip, Dr. Grace


Associate Professor

Phone: 804-524-5064
Location: HM134N


PhD Texas: A&M University (Organic Chemistry)

MS: Texas Tech University (Inorganic Chemistry)

BS: University of Yaoundé-Cameroon (Chemistry)

DESG: University of Yaoundé-Cameroon Diploma in (Science)


Our research interests are in the areas of:

  • Biosensors - design, synthesis and characterization of organic molecules as biosensors for the rapid detection and nanoscale quantification of common toxins and more importantly, chemical warfare agents. This project and provides student participants training in organic synthetic methodology, computational chemistry and molecular modeling (quantum mechanical and semi empirical and molecular mechanics calculations) and spectroscopy;
  • Biofuels (alternative sources for biogasoline - bi-ethanol and biodiesel) – This is a collaboration with researchers in the VSU Department of Agriculture as well as the VSU Agricultural Extension Unit; and
  • Organic Synthesis (Diels-Alder Reactions) – We are investigating the extension of the Diels-Alder reaction into the synthesis of natural products.
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